Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love working with color in unexpected ways! This is a color combo that I would not normally sit down and use. Not because I don't like the colors. These are just not colors that I wear or have in my home. I found a turquoise paper with purple flowers on it and thought it was beautiful! There is the tiniest strip of it on this piece that inspired me to use the 2 colors together and I really love the combo. Sometimes we get into color ruts and have to move in a complete opposite direction. It's very refreshing to me when this happens. I'm sure this cutie will find a home filled with purples and teals somewhere and she will be quite happy!

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  1. It's wonderful,
    and I'm loving the self confident attitude !!!

  2. That is gorgeous! Love the colours!

  3. I love this! The colors are beautiful!

  4. This is beautiful! I have problems with combining colors too.:)

  5. oh my heavens, i love her!
    love the colors too, & all
    her sweet curves & how she
    holds herself & adore the
    punctuation of those four
    pom pom thingamabobbers (one
    in her hair...)...anyway,
    this whole piece is brilliant!

  6. i love your use of color.
    and i love the posturing of her!!

  7. I really enjoy your art! For some reason she seems to be in front of a mirror. LOL Maybe because that's the way I've posed in the mirror but would never actually stand in real life. Hmm... might have to get over that. Be extravagant!

  8. that's funny jen! as a matter of fact it does resemble my 22 yr old with her mirror!