Monday, June 7, 2010

Letting Go and Moving On

I received a few emails regarding my post where I decided to have a tantrum and rant and rave. I think I need to clear a few things up. I am not losing  my house and I am not starving (believe me, I think i would live a long time without food with this bod!) Was just feeling some frustrations and after putting them out there, it gave me a huge feeling of letting go. I have such great things happening in my life right now and am forever grateful for them. Any woman at a crossroad in her life is bound to feel a bit down and I really feel you must acknowledge those feelings (just not more than one day) and then move on.
Thank you to all for your good wishes and positive thoughts. It's amazing how a few words from people you don't even know can help!
I had a most productive weekend. I talked to the owner of Stamp Your Heart Out in Clarremont and will be teaching a class in her shop in July. I can't wait. This is such a great little shop that has supported my endeavors since starting this creative biz. I also designed some new ceramic pieces and will be painting them this week in hopes of getting them fired by the end of the week. I'm working on teacups and saucers as well as a vase. I made a few of these little wooden chunkies (pictured) that I will be selling in a local fair this month. I liked the way they came out so I made more only painting my girls onto them. Adorable! Because they are only 3 inches square. So cute!


  1. Can't wait to meet you in person Julie at the Urban Barn!
    I too have been at a Crossroads. I understand.
    My ex-mother in law use to say...
    "this too shall pass".
    I live close to Claremont.
    I want to come take that class!

  2. Hello in my last post we welcome you to my blog, check it ! Thank you for your visit

    maria Palito

  3. i love this piece, and the nice ribbon at the top of it suits it perfectly!