Sunday, July 18, 2010

2 BRavE SoULs

I was stuck in beach traffic forever it seemed. When I arrived at the higgledy piggledy wall made of used brick going every which way with seashells, rocks and ceramics mixed in here and there, I was completely enchanted. I rang the bell and when the green doors opened, the pretty blond said "We are really brave souls." I laughed because I knew exactly what she meant. The night before I started thinking that I must be out of my mind to be meeting someone from blog world at their home and not a coffee shop. But then I thought there's probably not too many serial killers preying on middle aged women at their million dollar beach houses! I walked into a courtyard made of the same wavy bricks, with the cottage style home just ahead, the grey ocean in the background. This cottage was amazing, something surely out of a magazine but of course she is an interior designer so it had to be wonderful.
I met Paulette because of my whiny post where I complained about being jobless and not knowing for sure where my life was headed. Poor Paulette, she was worried I was going to loose my home and starve. But in my whiny,woe is me mood, I was of course being dramatic because that is what we writer/artist types do sometimes. Being very much the encourager, we talked for hours one night on the phone before I headed down there last Friday. The hostess was as delightful as the house I am glad to say. We painted ceramics, ate a wonderful healthy lunch and trekked into town on foot for shopping and dinner.
She is an amazing artist and I must admit I was in awe of her large studio. It was crammed full of her creations and gave me the much inspiration I've needed. There was a beautiful one-of-a-kind vase she made that I couldn't take my eyes off. Of course I brought down some of my goodies to show her and there was a piece she liked of mine and suggested a trade. It was difficult to pick a piece. Seriously, I will take a picture of her studio when I go back and you will understand why!
After dinner we arrived back to the cottage after dark and I made one last stop to the bathroom before heading home and when I came out she was holding the gorgeous turquoise vase. I'm sure my heart stopped for a few seconds as she handed it to me. What an amazing day it was and I have my beautiful vase sitting here to remind me of our brave day.


  1. From one brave soul to another,
    Thank you !
    Blogland can be such a rich blessing full of like minded creatives, inspiring, encouraging and sharing beauty in all forms of artistic expression.
    I am so glad we said "yes "

  2. Fabulous wall and a beautiful vase!! You made a great friend through your blog!

  3. what a super fun and lovely turquoise vase! and how fabulous you two got to get together :)

    i love hearing about your travels, julie.

    best wishes to you!

  4. Hello Julie,

    Just passing by and saying hello...and congrats on such an amazing book! It really is...