Thursday, August 12, 2010

Letting Go

I have had a totally uninspired August so far. I finished my manuscript on July 30th and have had a kind of lost, now what feeling since. I do have lots of things planned out for fall but have had that feeling anyway.
Since I have not had those artistic feelings I decided it was time to do some work on the house. This is my tiny powder room downstairs. I painted the sinkbase probably 12 years ago when I saw these darling pottery benches in the accessory displays at Nordstrom. I loved the color combos but knew my little house could not possibly use another piece of furniture so I decided to paint the sink base instead. My husband was away for the weekend climbing Mt Whitney so I figured that was the time. It's always easier to do projects when he's gone so I don't have to hear "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Well, I remember having my son saying "Are you sure dad's going to be alright with this?" It's never easy making a decision to completely change something in the house, especially something mounted to the walls! I loved the way it came out tho, and I still love it to this day.
Our walls were papered during the 80's wallpaper age and when we tore the paper down we had the walls professionally painted. We have always done things ourselves but we were doing pretty good financially when we decided not to paint the kitchen and bath at that time. After 2 years the paint started chipping like crazy. I think they didn't get all the wallpapaer paste off or it could have been cheap paint, but whatever, it was a mess! So I papered the walls 3/4's the way up with a green and white stripe and did a black and white checked border above it. It was adorable but time took it's toll on the wallpaper and having 2 males in the house didn't help matters! I have been putting off redoing this because I absolutely loved this room and didn't know what else to do with it. Peeling, chipped walls or new wallpaper that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I just didn't want to let go.
So, last weekend I tore off all the paper and sanded the walls as best I could. I primed and painted. There were still some crackels and damage lines from an old chair rail (again the 80's!) I decided to just go with it and washed some white over the new vintage green color. I wiped it with a sea sponge and at times the white became chalky looking settling into the crackels, lumps and bumps. While doing it I wasn't sure I liked it and felt totally defeated on my already uninspiring mood. When I went back in and tore off the blue painters tape and put some things back on the counter, I just stood back in ahhh. I loved it. Here is the finished bathroom. I still have to do some finishing work. The color is a bit lighter than this picture. The mirror? My first attempt at mosaic.Its made with broken dishes and has words woven throughout with those little alphabet beads. There is half of a tiny flower pot with a bluebird sitting on the edge. The bird broke off my son's piggy bank that I bought while pregnant. There are also these cute little ceramic duckhead knobs (oh those 80's!)  on there that I can hang things on. The plate? my little creation that I love! As soon as I put her in her place, she sold on Etsy this morning! I think I will go put some more things in here that's in my Etsy shop!


  1. i love that mirror! this little bathroom has become so inspired! i think a framed print or original of yours would look pretty sweet in there too :)

    xoxo, juliette

  2. i LOVE that mirror and it inspired such an interesting color i wouldn't have thought of, but gosh, it turned out just adorable!!!