Friday, October 15, 2010

What's next God?

Feeling Blessed
I love it when I get into my little conversations with God. I ask what's next and he puts me in place to meet the right people. It's not about coincidences (don't believe in them) and it's not about the secret of positive thinking ( sorry famous book author, but He invented that first). It's about prayer and about relationship. The day I lost my job, both kids said to me, I think God is trying to tell you something. And yes, He has hit me on the side of the head with a few events that seem to be saying you are not supposed to be doing that, you are an  artist!!! So it began. Everyday I thank God for the gifts, the talents and the blessings. Some days, sometimes in dispair and sometimes not, I pray what is next in this little creative endeavor of mine. One day He brought me Paulette, who without her, I would not have had the wonderful experience of teaching a class without being connected to a store. I also would not have brought out my watercolors of 30 years to play with. He brought me to Lisa, who brought me to Chateau de Fleurs and Glitterfest, which not only made  me money but brought me to many others that will help me on this creative journey of mine. Seriously, I asked just days ago, whats next and to please put the right people in front of me. And guess what? he brings me to Elena! She emails me a couple of weeks ago. Just the standard email asking me a question on technique. She saw my work in Somerset Studio and wanted to try it. I answer her question and jokingly tell her she can learn more in my upcoming book. She responds that she already ordered it! So she is the first person that I know of that preordered it. That to me is special! We continue emailinng back and forth because I am now endeared to the first person that has bought my book 7 months out! To make a long story short, she has invited me to her home in Key Largo to teach a class at a retreat she hosts for about 15 women. Would I ever have imagined this last year when I closed the door behind me on that job that I really didn't like anyway? No! I mean Key Largo! Me, art, teaching, Key Largo! Thank you God! Hmmm...I wonder what's next?


  1. Oh Julie,

    I love that you've shared your inspiring story.
    It is so uplifting and encouraging for all those
    out there doubting their creative paths.
    I believe it is our Creator that gifts us with our talents, then fulfills the desires of our hearts, (already knowing them) and allows us to share the blessings.
    I am excited to hear how the next chapter of your journey plays out.

  2. Julie, just have to say I love your art and have YOUR pages in my magazines dog earred so I can look at them over and over for inspiration. Can't wait for the book as well. Your story gives many of us on our creative journey HOPE for our true purpose in life. Thanks for sharing! Also, I'm trying to get Kelly Rae's Flying Lesson button to work on my there a trick? Not having much luck.

  3. Love this post! When I surrender to His will, my experience has been that God's plan is always so much bigger and better than anything I ever imagined. Your artwork is so unique - excited that gals in Key Largo will experience the "magic" in the near future :)

  4. This is so inspiring! Now I'm wondering If I'm asking the wrong questions. :) Love the post.

  5. Julie, I am so looking forward to Key Largo and all the fun and frivolity that is being organised. Not sure if you realise, but I am coming all the way from Australia for this weekend. What a way to celebrate turning 40. Life brings us so many twists and turns and so many open doors. We just have to choose which ones to walk through and follow the path.

  6. Such an inspiring post! I am right there with you in what you are saying. God does indeed show us our path.

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of faith and encouragement to others. Elena is my dear, precious friend of many, many years. And this is a match made in Heaven.... believe me!!!!I know it will be amazing for you to visit her and get to know her in person. God bless you!

  8. Julie, your kindness and willingness to share your art with me and my friends is humbling. Life isn't always easy. There are times when we don't know what the right decisions are. But you clearly made the right decision for yourself and your family. God will lead you to where you need to be my friend.

  9. awesome, julie! this sounds so perfect for you! and i cannot wait to see your book! how exciting! i have shivers, knowing these things happen and fall into place so perfectly :)


  10. I won't go into all the bunny trails that lead me to your blog, but I want you to know that this post was such an encouragement to me. Just like balm for the soul. I appreciate your willingness to point out things about our Creator. I loved your comment about your conversations with God. So special. Oh, and your art is so wonderful. I am amazed at these dolls you have created. Very inspiring. Thanks again for sharing your heart and your art.


  11. I Thank God too for you Julie!
    Friends our are angels!
    Much Love,

  12. Hi Julie~ I met you very briefly at glitterfest but will see you at Jamie's show & Chrities & Rita's.I was invited to participate, yippee!
    I love how you shared your faith and the journey the Lord has for you. Looking forward to seeing you!
    Come see me!

  13. Julie, this post is so special to me. I love how you talk about your faith. I am a woman of great faith and sometimes when I feel I might lose it a little, or get too distracted, I take great comfort in the fact that there are no coincidences. I admire your strength in God and am thankful to have met you. Im excited to see where your journey will lead. Many blessings.