Monday, November 8, 2010


Yee Haa!

So last week I should have been getting ready for a show that I was doing in Redlands for the weekend. But instead I was super excited about doing a little girl project. When I received the email asking me if I would do a piece for a 3 year old girl that loves horses, dancing, and has a room that's bubblegum pink, lime green and turquoise, I have to admit I was less than excited. It was the horse thing. I just didn't know how I was going to get a horse incorporated into a piece of my girly art. I told her I needed a couple of days to think about it. So I thought about it and just wasn't feeling it. Then I went to the store. THE scrapbook store. The store that is so crowded with aisles of paper that sometimes I knock things off the racks just turning around. And there it was, in the very back, a stand with cowgirl and cowboy stuff. So cute! Colors perfect! So I grabbed a couple of sheets for inspiration then pulled the solid colors mentioned above. I knew I had enough printed papers in those colors but I couldn't resist the pink paper with xoxo's in lime and turquoise. And of course how could I not buy some sort of princess paper, right?
Upon arriving home, I cut out some of the horses and started arranging paper to see exactly which ones I would use. I spent about 2 hours before I decided. It was so much fun, trying to get in that little 3 year olds head! So I continued to play, using crepe paper ruffles, buttons, rhinestones, ribbons and bows, and all kinds of girly embellishments for this little cowgirl until I felt satisfied. I think what made it so much fun was that I felt like that little girl playing paperdolls once again. Too fun!
When I finished playing, I promptly went to the computer and sent out the email that yes, I could fit it into my schedule this month!


  1. Good post Julie,
    As I am reading it... a smile begins to spread across my face then at the end a LOL chuckle.
    Playing like a child is soooo good for our creative souls.
    YEAH !

  2. It's so exciting when that happens! I find that crafting or sewing for children is great (even when it's a bit of a slow start) cos often it's a good excuse to have even more fun that usual in making it ^_^

  3. Hi Julie! Big fan of your girls. I would love to visit your Scrapbook Store sometime. Can you give me that name and city that it's in? I'm not too far from you and get a little disappointed with the selection of papers at Michael's and JoAnn's. I love the decorative papers and I'm still trying to figure out how to work them into my art. Thanks!

  4. Yea!
    SO totally cool!
    Can't wait to see it!

  5. Hi Julie ~ love all your works of art, my daughter is nuts over your art too.
    Yes, please bring o the "Scrapbook Store" ~ Much Love, enjoy your day <3 Andrea