Friday, December 17, 2010

Bartering is a Good Thing

A couple of weekends ago, I participated in Chateau de Fleurs which I'm happy to say was featured in Romantic Country magazine as one of the best places to shop. This is no surprise to me  because Christie and Rita are 2 of the most creative, professional and hospitable women to put on a show!
Now, this show being in December, I really had to limit my spending and that's not an easy thing to do with these vendors. I walked thru the show with blinders and I have to admit I was a bit sad that I could't spend. I spotted this apron and matching fabric at one of my favorites; Lil Urchins. I was trying to justify spending the money by telling myself that I was using it for my business. The apron, to wear for change, pen and receipts, and matching tablecloths for the booth. Sounds reasonable, right? But no, I fought hard and won....I couldn't, I wouldn't spend money. I must admit, I was a bit pouty with myself tho because I couldn't have what I wanted. Then.....a most wonderful thing happened! Cynthia of Lil Urchins asked me if I wanted to trade. She wanted some prints for Christmas presents! I can't even tell you how elated I felt. It was like a gift. Aren't these the most amazing yummy fabrics! And then to top it off when I went over to pick them up, the wonderful Nicki from Mermaid Glade gave me this gorgeous felted clamshell ornament with pearl. I came home feeling like I won a million more pouty face! Thank you Cynthia and Nicki!


  1. Gorgeous! lucky trade ^_^ V.

  2. Fun fabrics Julie & my favorite colors too !
    I LoVe bartering between artists.
    I'm still enjoying Rachel's persimmons and blue willow jug oil painting hanging in the sitting room that I traded ceramics for, and your little beauty !

  3. Julie, We feel as tho we got the best deal. Your lovely art and the treat of knowing you better. So talented and so humble. What a joy you are! I am still planning to do a needle felting class in the new year and I'll get a hold of you.We'd love to see some Chateau girls soon to, so let's do it. Blessings on your Holy-days and an abundant New Year with God's richest blessings for you and yours! Love, Nicki