Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January came and went

City Girl    A gift for my neice

January seems to have come and gone. I posted just once last month! It became a month of focus, planning and newness. Sounds kind of boring, huh? But not really. I sat down and planned how many shows , workshops and magazine submissions I need to do in the next 6 months to make the amount of dollars I want (need!) to make. This forced me to focus on emails and phonecalls to any stores, venues and magazines that I've been thinking of working with. A day at CHA gave me the opportunity to meet many people in the business and of course makes me think of the endless possibilities that could lie ahead.
I also took on a part time job putting together programs and such to revitalize an ailing art association into a thriving community gathering spot for artists. I welcome any thoughts on this as it is a little bit overwhelming at first. I will focus on some senior and kid programs, beginning the the grant writing process. There is a beautiful gallery space as well as a fabulous classroom space. If any locals out there need a low cost area to conduct workshops, let me know. We have kilns,wheels. easels, water. It's just a great space to create!
So that's been my January. I squeezed in a series of gypsy girls and mermaids for article submissions and oh yeah, a little makeover on my kitchen. Nothing major; just painted a chalkboard wall, changing the window coverings and sprucing up with a couple of ideas I brought back from the CHA booths. I will post later when I finish it all. Here's to a fabulous February!


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL, Julie! Love the arrows and the crowns. Your February sounds overwhelming and wonderful! Look forward to hearing more about your adventures. :)

  2. Yes, unfortunately ALL the stuff behind the art scene need to be done in order to carry on the craft...well done, and wish you all the best on your shows and other projects. smile, Virginie vivibijoux.com

  3. This is FANTASTIC Julie!!! Now you have to be creative and think about how we can do a Lawyer!!! LOL!!!! Can't wait to meet you next month!!!

  4. Love it! I too, am a city girl. Always will be.

  5. Can't wait to see the Kitchen! I love changes especially if there is a chalk board. Love your City Girl, well done. January is for pruning and planting seeds,so you/we are on track Julie.
    See you in June. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  6. Julie I'm LoVinG the layered FLIRTY skirt !

    Too CUTE towering over the mixed assemblage of city buildings.
    Each of your pieces tells a delightful story.

    Her bag must way a ton... wonder what's in it ?