Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Key Largo, day2 with Ingrid Dijkers

Over the Edge Journal

Jen and Val painting away
Messy and Fun!

Day 2....Ingrid Dijkers AMAZING Over the Edge class. I have never done anything like this so I was a bit nervous surrounded by all this talent! Ingrid was a great teacher tho and I caught on pretty fast. We made chipboard journal pages, starting with gesso and ending with the most beautiiful edges. These pages had layers and layers of paint, paper, stamping and stenciling. we learned to dress up the pages with beads, buttons and wire. We layered them so the many layers could be seen at once. They were so much fun to make, you just didn't want to stop. With 17 ladies in one room, you can imagine how noisy it could get but what I found amazing was how quiet my table was. Everyone was completely in their zone, concentrating like they didn't have a problem in the world. I love being in that zone! Of course we could hardly stop for lunch, Cuban sandwhiches brought in....delicious! Can't forget the Cuban cofee that made its' rounds every few hours to keep us wide eyed. Oh yeah, I thought I'd introduce Pancho. He was in an ajoining room but he managed to get his say so in every now and then! He seemed to like the retreat as much as we did!


  1. Yes, besides missing all my art sisters, I really am also missing those Cuban coffee pick-me-ups!