Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wonderful Hosts!

I drove up to Sacramento last weekend to teach a class in Grass Valley. One of my favorite parts of the state, Grass Valley marks the beginning of the gold counrty. It is situated among pine trees, just northeast of Lake Tahoe. My friend Sylvia, who I met in a class in Davis, back in April, invited me to stay at her home near Sacramento. She told me she had a comfy guest room. She didn't disappoint! Upon arriving at her home, this wonderful red door greeted me. Love the house numbers painted on the door. Now, I am just about to paint my front door a poppy red-orange so I had to snap this picture with the address. I think I might just copy this idea.

Her house was beautiful...a magazine house! Look at this guest room. Can't even imagine being in a hotel room after this. I made some good contacts and will probably be back up to teach, so look out Sylvia...this may be my permanent guest room! Love the colors, so cheery and bright. Love the touch of black in the headboard to tone down the yellow just a notch.

A bedside button bouquet

A mirror fit for a queen

Sylvia and her husband were the best hosts. She had a great studio to get inspired in, got to play with products I've never used and came away with good storage ideas. Her huge dogs Lulu and Baxter kept me laughing and her hubby was a crack up. Had a great time and hope to get back soon.

                         And yes, I had 3 blissful nights. Thank you Sylvia, Rob, Baxter and Lulu.


  1. You know I love it there! I was just in Auburn last month visiting my family. I miss the summers I used to spend in Lake Tahoe. Glad you had so much fun.

  2. What an amazing guest room Julie! It gives me great ideas for when my boys grow up and move out on their own.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely visit.
    Hugs and blessings

  3. Aww fun! Glad you had a great time Julie. :)

  4. Julie! What lovely things to say about us and our home. But, the pleasure was all were the perfect guest! And, we did have fun! You know your room is waiting for you anytime...and we're counting on you coming back!

  5. What beautiful home! Looks like it was wonderful trip! Hope you'll share the storage ideas!!

  6. What a precious guest room. So colorful and I also love the black head and foot decor.
    Great class in GV.

  7. Hello Julie ... just found your blog! I purchased your book just recently and was so inspired by it. I'm a mixed media artist as well and I quite often include images of my daughters or fashion elements in my work. I wrote about your book in my blog and you can see it here
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hi Julie,

    I also just blogged about your book and the first piece I made that was inspired by it. It is a fantastic book, I am so glad I found it. You can find the post here.