Monday, October 3, 2011

Art is You, Petaluma

Yep...The Golden Gate Bridge


Looking out at Tiberon and I believe, Belvedere Island while having coffee

Hubby and I headed out on an extended road trip last week, heading to Petaluma for the Art is You retreat where I participated in the trunk show on Saturday night. We left on Friday, stopping in San Jose to have dinner with family and spend the night. We left for Petaluma Saturday morning, taking the long way, through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. I've always loved this route because it takes me back to being about 12 or 13 when we drove this very drive nearly every weekend for 2 years when my cousin was injured badly in Vietnam. He stayed in the veteran's hospital near Golden Gate Park. It was the late 60's, early 70's and I really thought the hippie lifestyle was so romantic. Yes, you really could go to San Francisco and see girls with flowers in their hair!
So anyway, feeling a bit nostalgic but also sad because the fog was so dense you could only see the side rails of the bridge. It's been a few years since crossing the Golden Gate and I couldn't even see it! We stopped in Sausilito for coffee and pastries and walked around this charming town for a bit while the sun started peeking through the gray skies.
On to the sweet little Victorian town of Petaluma, right on the edge of the wine country. We met up with Lisa Loria and her darling Rob for lunch, eating quite possibly the best sandwich I've ever had, and then quickly back to the hotel to set up for the evening.
It was a great show but the highlight of my evening was getting to know The Fabulous Women of Petaluma. Yes, capitol letters...this is an actual group of women who have been recognized on Oprah and written about in magazines. A grass root organization that started out with a small group of women who wanted to help those in need in their community. It has grown enormously since their start and they were at Art is You because they were raising money for the local art center to teach classes for homeless kids. We talked to Krista, the founder at great length and we were just flat out amazed at what they have accomplished in their area. From helping out families or individuals in need or other organizations such as their art center, I walked away in awe of the power of this group of women.
The best part of doing these shows sometimes is not the show itself but what you learn in the process. It was Krista's wish for women in all towns to start a chapter of their own. Could you imagine the issues we could all tackle? What an inspiration this group was! to Lake Tahoe for a much needed vacation!


  1. Ahhh you were in my old "stomping ground." I spent many weekends in that area when I was young. Just love it there! I'm glad you had a great time.
    Take care,

  2. gorgeous photos! and so nice to hear about your trip and the art show! loved petaluma when i was there visiting last year :)

    best wishes!