Friday, June 29, 2012

A Month of Contrasts

Ah...Prima goodness! has been a very long 2 months! It has been a time of huge contrasts in my life, good and bad. I am still dealing with all the issues of my mother who is still not doing well. It's a tough road, but something that we all face at some time or another. I have been working on her house, getting it ready for renting. I thank God that we have been so blessed to have this home right in the middle of Silicon Valley, yes Apple headquarters are right down the street! 60 years old, this house. My parents bought it in the early 60's and it is now worth a bloody fortune. We will be able to rent it so she can go into a beautiful asst care place where she (and my sister and I) will be very comfortable. Thank you Apple, thank you techie world!
Cleaning out the house has been hard, but many treasures have been found in the process. The most intricate of embroidery and lacemaking from my great grand mother, wonderful, fun vintage dishes from the 50's, and boxes of our old doll clothes. I even found tax returns from 1954! I found wonderful old letters including a thank you letter from Lockheed, dated, 1966 thanking my mother for putting up with our father's long hours for a period of time! What employer does that? I'm sure it was something that a lot of emplyers did back in the day. Imagine if employers showed that kind of appreciation today!
Even with all this going on, some wonderful things have been happening in my little art world. I was asked to be on the education team for Prima Marketing and am keeping super busy with projects right now. My other good news will have to wait until next week because I have to go finish up 2 projects right now!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hope things work out with your mom, I imagine her house is in Cupertino and bet it is worth a fortune. I grew up in Sunnyvale, which is pretty close to there. Congratulations on the Prima gig, I just love Prima and you'll be an awesome addition to their team. Can't wait for the other news and hopefully it'll work out one of these days that I'll be able to take one of your classes!!!


  2. My brothers and I went through similar issues with our Mom a couple of years ago. It is so hard, seeing a parent age, and in our case, have dementia.
    You are one of my favorite artists and I am developing my own style from your style. I love "Collage Couture!

  3. I stumbled onto "Collage Couture" when Borders Books closed in our area. What a treasure! I loved the concept, and thought my 11-yr-old granddaughter would enjoy it with me. I showed her the book, she nonchalantly nodded that she liked it. I didn't know how much until I went to look for it and learned she had taken it home with her! lol Then her mom got hold of it and fashioned herself into a figure for a scrapbook page. I now have it back, and it's my turn. :) Sorry to hear your mother is not well, but thankful it looks like things will work out well for all of you.

  4. Over l2 years ago my mother feel into a deep depression and so my husband and I decided to rent her home and find a wonderful active senior place. Yes, it was hard work, but if we had sold her home, she would be broke brother at first wanted to sell the home, but now he says wow, we saved 1/2 million dollars by renting her San Jose, property and she is so happy being with people her own age.