Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BAck in the DAy

Accessary Pack
My favorite Fiskars tool


Back in the day, we used to play paper dolls...a lot. They were cheap and they were fun. In my newest stamp line I  created an accessory pack called Boutique. In it, is a circle that people under the age of 50 ask what it is. Well, it is an old fashioned paper doll hat. The little paper hats all had cut lines that would slip over the dolls head. I wanted to create a big hat that could appear to be straw, velvet, felt or whatever you would like it to be. One that would be large enough to embellish with flowers, ribbon, buttons or bows. So now that you know what the circle is, go get creative. Play dolls!


  1. Oh how true this is!!! My sister and I would sit for hours on the front porch, sorting our paper dolls, using the webbing from the lawn chairs to hold the clothes from blowing away in a breeze.... and then we'd pack them back up in a light blue hat box... wish I still had them! I just got my first two doll stamps and I am in heaven! And I wish I had all of them!!!! They make me so happy!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for creating these dolls. They remind me of when I was little watching my Nana play with hers. Mind you I am only 27. I am saving up to by all of them. I have one at the moment and I made my Nana a card and sent it out to her. I also made extra clothes for her to play dress up thanks again