Thursday, May 26, 2016

Start a Doll Club!

I just love how some of the stores are having Doll Club meet-ups for everyone to share their creations! I sometimes get blown away by all the creativity out there! My local store, Wooten's does this once a month and I dropped in last month for their Disney themed day. Not only were they sharing their projects, but some came in mouse ears! If you're interested in doing something like this, ask your local store, (I guarantee you will all spend money so it's worth their while.) :)
Wooten's theme this month is beach and I was inspired to share this because well, it's pretty beachy! Created with my Nautical Bliss paper line from Photo Play Paper. The doll is a mix of my newest beach babes, Suzy, Betsy and Gina. Love how they work together!

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  1. Beach Perfect and I love your dolls! Embracing Creative Bliss...