Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Painting an Owl

I am going to do an online class in the near future. The problem is I am technically challenged. I have no patience for computers and don't really care how they work! So I decided to take a class first to see what they're all about. I chose Juliette Cranes How To Paint An Owl class, not so much to paint an owl but to see how it all worked.
Her class structure is simple, easy to follow and visually pretty. These were all the things I was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised when on week 2, I totally got into painting and letting go....somewhat. You see Juliette is one of those artists who gets down and dirty with her paints. Her videos are fun to watch because there is paint everywhere. No wonder she likes to paint outside! I am a much more methodical painter and I'm very neat. My paintbrushes must be cleaned often and I can't stand to have much paint on my hands. I did manage to get a little messy while doing this little guy. I actually painted with one finger at one point in time, but of course it got washed right after I was done!
If you want to take a fun online class, I would totally recommend hers. I am so in love with my little owl that I can't stop looking at her!


  1. she is so sweet! i just love all of the layers and colors! so happy you got a little messy too :)

    best always,

  2. Just lovely. I live a long way from anywhere so I love online classes. I might try Juliette's and I can't wait to see yours.

  3. I was SO hoping you'd be hosting an online class soon! Congratulations! And that owl is PRECIOUS! Love her. :)

  4. that sounds like fun. Your owl is so cute i love her pink cheeks!

  5. Julie-
    I love your owl painting! Juliette's online class sounds great!

  6. the owl is so beautiful!! cant wait for the online classes.

  7. I am just like you!! I hate being dirty or having dirty tables or paintbrushes!! I am constantly picking up and cleaning!! I LOVE your owl!! Owls are my very favorite thing in the world and yours is adorable! And you KNOW I will be the first to sign up for your online class!

  8. Found your blog after losing touch for some time from the owl painting class comments. I wanted to tell you about the inspiration you've given my 10-year old granddaughter from your book. Children love art, but when she saw your methods of making the "pretty girls" with lots of collage type pieces, she immediately started cutting clothing shapes and drawing dolls to put them on. Our next project is a canvas guided by your style. Thank you. The self-doubt tells me I should be trying to find a style unique to only me, but I have too much fun just letting go and playing with glue and paper with shapes from my inner child.