Monday, September 27, 2010

A Magical Day

Goodie Bags in the quaint little courtyard

Bottles filled with bath salts for the girls. Paulette made the exquisite ceramic bottle stoppers and shell "necklaces"

Charming lunch boxes. Yummy sandwiches from the Cheese Cave in Claremont

ahhh, painting is such hard work!

Voila! Cathy's finished projects

The weather was perfect! 106 degrees inland and just mid 80's at the beach. We had a delightful group of women including Beth from Stampington. Beth brought a bag of papers for us to play with which made me very happy. It's like searching through your Christmas stocking for all the wonderful little goodies! After a tour of Paulette's amazing beach cottage, we settled into our first project; a collaged mermaid. There was so much chatter, learning all about one another's lives and creative journeys. I felt like I did little teaching! I am amazed at watching women get in their zones while creating. We all sat down to work on the same project and yet every piece comes out so different. We had pink mermaids, yellow mermaids and even green mermaids. How great is that? We had shy mermaids and mermaids with well...lets just say, a lot of cleavage! They all turned out so whimsically wonderful! We broke for lunch on yet another  charming patio overlooking the ocean. More chatting, ocean breezes and great food. After lunch we started our second project...watercoloring on a bisque plate. Again, I was amazed at the skill of these women and how quickly they learned. I was even happy with my little water colors of seashells and starfish and I've never really painted before. Before we knew it, it was 5:00 and I really believed we would have stayed well into the night had Jenelle not had plans that evening. Jenelle summed it up, leaving..."It was a magical day and one I'll never forget." Ditto for me. There is nothing quite like the magic that happens between creative female souls.


  1. That looked like a lot of fun! What a beautiful setting for such "creative mermaids".

  2. Thanks so much for having me over. I cant say how much better and refreshed and happy I felt after joining all of you. Definitely the best play date I've ever been to. Can't wait to see you and Paulette again. Thanks a million Julie, this made my weekend!

  3. Unos trabajos preciosos¡¡¡¡ Enhorabuena

  4. You captured the day so beautifully in this post! You and Paulette created the most amazing workshop. I hope you'll do it again soon so other women get to experience "the magic" (and so I can do it all over again!)