Friday, October 8, 2010

The Power of Pink

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Can you believe it's already October?  It's a month of such contrasts to me. Dark, eerie, witches and goblins everywhere. And then there's pink. Breast cancer awareness month...I often wonder why October. I'm sure there's a reason, I just don't know it but I sometimes think that it gets a bit overshadowed by the darkness of the season. There is a real soft spot for the Power of Pink for me. It's really the beginning of my art story. Grab a cup of tea and I will tell you how it all began.
As I was nearing mid-life, I was feeling frustrated with my creative life. I have always created, dabbling in every art form and craft you could think of. Trouble was I never felt really good at any of it. I needed to find my niche. One night I sat down and listed one by one all of the arts and crafts that I enjoyed doing. I began to cross off the least joyful to me. When I arrived at the end of the list, three things stood out to me. These were things that gave me feelings of pure joy. The kind of joy where you completely loose yourself in what you're doing. They were fashion illustration, mosaic work and my love of paper. It doesn't take a genious to see where this led. I sat down and incorporated all of these things into one of my girls. I liked her so much I did 2 more.  These 2 lovelies were submitted to Somerset Studio for publication and within just a few days I heard back from them that they would be published in the Sept/Oct issue! How exciting was that? That was 2 years ago. After the magazine came out, one of the girls that I worked with sent a copy of the article to our corporate offices for the newsletter. I received a call from the art directer if she coulld use the images in the company's annual breast cancer campaign. My art, the girl dressed in pink ended up on a poster in stores across the country. That was just the beginning. One of our clients, an attorney, puts on a big pink tadoo every October to benefit the local hospital. I donated the pink girl to her to be auctioned off. I was assured she went to a good home! The following year, I did a pink spread in Somerset Studio with about 5 pieces of art and those were donated to last years function. I was asked to to the artwork for the invites and posters for last years soiree. It was so fun to see my girls in pink on blogs, posters and magnets! I went to this fabulous pink party last year and was quite surprised at the well, funess of it all. Ladies not just stopping at pink shirts but wearing big pink hats, boas and the works! Celebrating their survival, their journey with this devastating disease. Yes, celebrating. You can learn a lot from women like this. It was a day of laughter and I'm certain a few tears. I am excited to be attending this years party next week. I am glad they call it a party instead of a fundraiser.
That lead to a trunk show at the local store, Stamp Your Heart Out and that led to one more thing, which led to another thing and on and on. So it began with pink and every October it will continue to be pink.
Published Somerset Studio Oct. 2009


  1. Julie,

    Love the story,
    and this piece of art,
    special !

  2. Beautiful story. Very inspiring.

  3. Your girls are sooo beautiful. That they are faceless creates a sense of 'everywoman', as though you are making little mirrors for us all to gaze into. I love your work.

  4. Hi Julie,
    I love your pink girls and what an amazing journey you've had.
    I am going to Keys4ArtII this March and Elena is so excited you are coming to join us and teach! Well, I know your work from Somerset and I came to check out your blog and noticed you live in Fontana. I live in San Bernardino between Cal State University and Devore. So.... we should get in touch and see if we can coordinate our flights! It would be fun to meet up before then. You can comment on my blog or email me.

  5. Beautiful Julie! As a BC survivor myself, I can appreciate it all the more....Love your work!

  6. And that just shows that when a person is on purpose in their life, the rest falls into place. What a great story!

  7. What an amazing story Julie! I kinda feel the same as you did: I find it difficult to stick to one craft as there is so much to explore. But at the same time would love to finally find the one thing I'm good at. Difficult. Maybe it'll happen one day ^_^ Virginie

  8. I loved that story. as fabulous as your first two girls are you have evolved beautifully

  9. Hi Julie, I was at that Pink Party and I believe Joan-Stamp your Heart Out will have your books at her store. Can hardly wait. I didn't win any of your beautiful donations, but to see them in person was a great treat. my favorite was the little journal. Your ladies are beautiful and sweet. Norma a.

  10. You are absolutely on an amazing road my friend! As a good friend says: ENJOY THE JOURNEY!