Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's wrong with me??!!

Self diagnosis, we've all done it. I think I've narrowed it down to being Artistically Bipolar or Creative ADD. What's with this crazy up/down, up/down? I have so many ideas swimming in my head right now, so many half way there projects, that I seem to get so overwhelmed and then stop doing everything. No, I'm not depressed and no, I'm not so crazy busy that I just can't handle it all! Wish!
I just can't seem to focus and I've never had this problem before. So, what to do? I have neglected this blog for much too long so I guess I will just post what's on my mind and what's going on just to get back in the swing of things.
I am happy to say that I am published in the current issue of Somerset Studio...Four wonderful pages. I will be doing a class at Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont on Nov. 28. We will be making these cute little girlfriend gifts in the magazine.
I will also be in Artists Cafe issue to be out Dec.1....so blessed with that one because it came as a nice suprise to be paid a second time for something that was published 2 years ago! This was my very first article for Somerset Studio and it means so much to me to revisit it. This weekend I will have a booth at a show called Tell Me Bout the Good Ol Days in Redlands in a great house in the historic district. It should be lots of fun. And very happy to report I have my tickets for a retreat in Key Largo that I'll be teaching at in March. Such a wonderful group of women who have just welcomed me into their creative world. I can't wait! See how scattered this is?! But I felt like I could put off this blog forever if I didn't do something now! So there it is...until next time. I hope to be more focused then@ Haha now why would I put that there instead of a period? Focus!


  1. Julie I am sooo happy for you,
    I love this post, it's so positive.
    It must be tough to focus when you are on such a creative high !
    { and in so many different directions }
    The cute little girlfriend gifts are just AdOrAbLE
    perfect stocking stuffers, or holiday ornaments.
    Now I can't wait to get my hands on the latest Somerset Studio
    and Artists Cafe to read your articles.
    Congrats on everything!!!

  2. Congrats sweet Julie!
    I am sooo scattered too lately.
    Must be something we ate Friday night...LOL.
    Love you and can't wait to spend time with you this weekend at the show!

  3. I get that way too - it frustrates me because I think of so many things to get done and then fritter away my time doing a whole lot of nothing! I'm trying to just "go" with it and take extra advantage of the times when I'm very productive.

  4. oh how cool !!!! Congratulations Julie!!! I have to get my copy of that magazine soon!!!

  5. What wonderful news! Very happy for you and you:)
    Can't wait to pick up the new Somerset/Artist Cafe!

  6. Hi Julie~
    It was nice to finally meet you! Your work is amazing! Congratulations, what great news.

  7. Congratulations Miss Julie!!! Your creativity is the coolest, hope to see you soon!