Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Night Filled With Color

It was a night filled with the most spectacular color at Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont. And what could be more colorful than a basket filled with hand made felted monsters! The little gray guy with green stitching went home with me at the end of the evening.These were made by Atie Holmes who also made these gorgeous coin purses.

Who could resist a bowl full of free love? Artist Laura Palm made the most beautiful block prints that she carved from erasers. Erasers! The lovely green one below will soon be framed and hung in my bathroom.

Lots of color on these little girly-girls! My favorite "Shabby Pink" found a new home that night!

Cutest button necklaces from Renee Buckway. My photo doesn't capture all the color that these cuties had to offer. She had fun bracelets too. Unfortunately, the rest of my pictures didn't turn out because of the lighting, but the art of Ruth Law and Ginny Babineau was amazing!

Thank you to Joan and her staff for so graciously offering to put on this Gathering of Artists! It was and evening of fun, food and color!
                                                             Stamp Your Heart Out


  1. Fun * Fun * Fun *
    What a diverse group of crafty goodness !
    Thank you Julie for sharing the snaps.

  2. Oh yes... great color indeed!! Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures. Happy week ahead Julie!

  3. Everything looks great Julie! The most important thing is that you sound like you had fun! Love your girly girls!!! Can't wait 'til March! I wish you and your family a WONDERFUL holiday season!