Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Very Cheesy Gift

One thing I'm finding that is difficult about blogging this time of the year is that I can't share much of what I'm creating because I don't want the recipients to see! I thought I would share this piece because I know it won't be seen by the "cheese girls" anytime soon. They are much too busy! This is a little something I made for my son's bosses, 2 delightful young sisters who own a gourmet cheese shop in the adorable town of Claremont. The Cheese Cave opened just last summer and has been a huge success since. The girls have been written up in the Los Angeles Times as well as Los Angeles Magazine with rave reviews. They sell the most delicious cheeses from all over the world. They know everything there is to know about cheese because it's their passion in life. I used cheese labels from some of their cheeses as well as some washers with a bit of bling for embellishment. The shop is very, I guess I'd call it upcycled, vintage urban in feeling with chalkboard walls, used wood trim and curtains made of hundreds of washers tied with twine. I think this will be a nice addition and can perhaps hang next to the life size silver cow that stands near the front of the store!


  1. I love this, how fabulous, they will love it~
    Let us know how they react and where they hang this work of art!

  2. Oh Julie,
    take a snap, the "cave" sounds amazing
    & I would love to see this decor !
    Your "little something" that you made for your son's bosses
    is WoNdeRfuL ! LoVe the collage, very clever...
    They will be in awe, it is so perfect for them.
    I hope you get lots of fun orders from their customers when they see these.

  3. Hi Julie,
    Happy holidays to you! I know what you mean about blogging and sharing our projects right now. I haven't been able to share much either due to the same reason. I just love this "cheesy" piece. It's so wonderful!
    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. This is a gorgeous piece of art! I know, the recipients will LOVE it!! It will be perfect for their cheese shop for sure!
    It´s always nice to stop by your blog!

  5. This is a wonderful gift! :) Love it!

  6. thoughtful and creative, great piece!

  7. Blog land is kind of quiet these days! What a fabulous gift - how beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Julie! This is so cute! I'm sure they are going to just LOVE it! I like your bartering post - aren't they just the sweetest and most fun ladies?! I had a spot next to them the first show I did and they were such a hoot! I, too, had to have my blinders on at the last show, darn it!
    Have a Merry CHRISTmas and a New Year full of family blessings!

  9. OOh, might have to visit this shop!! Yum! Love the artwork! Lucky cheese girls!! Just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!


  10. this will be a perfect addition to this urban chic shop. I love it. I'd love to see the shop too.

  11. oh, that is very cool- love how that turned out! :) have you given it yet? did they love it?

  12. Just found your blog through, Artists' Cafe - Very impressive! Keep up the cute work!

  13. I love cheese .... and Claremont. They're lucky to have a piece of you in their shop : )

  14. Hello,

    Love your collages, they are fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~