Friday, March 18, 2011

Making glam girls in Key Largo

Chaotic mess...I love it!

Lillian (Canada) Linda (Florida) Eileen (NYC)

Gina (Oregon) Sue (Illinois) Marita (Oregon)

Daisy (Florida)

Ingrid Dijkers Lovely Renaissance lass

Sarah (Australia)  love her originality!

Jen (California) A fairytale princess

Teri (NYC) love the color and texture!

Was I nervous? You bet! What a group of talent that was gathered here! What I loved most was everyone was given the exact same materials; black background papers, newsprint, tissue and a tiny piece of colored paper. Every piece turned out so different and each held a bit of their creators' personality within. With little instruction these women went off in their own direction for about 4 hours. The room was quiet as each concentrated on their layering all the different papers. I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of all but it was hard in the frenzy of things!.
Did I have a favorite? Of course I did! The problem is mind changes every time I look at them!


  1. Hi Julie,
    We need to make an art date! Check out my blog I made something for you!

  2. Isn't great how everyone came up with a different design! really cute, you must be proud of your students, smile, Virginie

  3. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! Those are sooo beautiful! I'm loving the roses on some of them!! Is that a stamp, or is that printed paper?

    It's official. "Take a class from Julie Nutting" is going on my bucket list.

  4. Yes, "take a class from Julie Nutting" should be on everyone's bucket list!
    It was great, Julie, and everytime I look at my sassy girl I smile.
    Did you visit Jen's blog yet? Run, don't walk! She's done an AMAZING thing there!

  5. Julie, you are a wonderful and amazing teacher. Having come fromn Australia I had three wonderful teachers that I would not normally have the opportunity to see. Just waiting on my other canvas to arrive and then I will do girl number two for daughter number one. thank you for a great week. XOX

  6. Julies....You are amazing... Love Ya!