Monday, June 20, 2011

And the winner is....!!

A BIG thank you to all that posted and followed! I appreciate all the comments about my book. Those of you that bought it, I can't thank you enough and for those of you that want it, I thank you too! I really enjoyed writing it. It was so much fun finding that girly zone and writing not only how to do something but also about my inspirations, in hopes that I inspire someone else out there.

Well here is the list of winners! Please email me your address. or message me on fb. I will get these out as soon as possible.

3rd place....Katie Holmes (not the acress sillies) She gets my clipboard thats in the book

2nd place....Allie Chandler. Allie, you can go to if you see a print you'd rather have, let me know. I want you to have something that you want, not that I choose.

1st place....Tina from Mommyscrapsalot (sorry didn't get your last name.) You will get my book and a little suprise from the book.


  1. NO WAY!!! Maybe holding my breath HELPED! :) I'm gonna have to find a place of honor for her. :) Love her, and LOVE you!! Thanks, Julie!

  2. Congratulations Katie, Allie and Tina! Thank you Julie for offering these wonderful gifts and for publishing your book spreading all the awesome girlieness out there!
    Hugs and blessings

  3. oh why is it Iam always a day too sort.. LOL .. Just came across your blog and saw these Collages and fell in love ...... so Iam researching this now..I am going to have to get this book... I hope to share mine with you. THANKS for the Inspiration. Rose Guerin /rosebudinnh

  4. OMG - hi there just back from vacation and came by to visit and low and behold I see my name as the winner of your new book - yeah - what a great 4th of July treat - I hope it's not to late to claim it...

    thanks so much Julie - what a treat in deed.

    tina Curtis
    off to email you

  5. Hello...I just bought your book from Amazon this week. Can hardly wait to get it. Love your style.

  6. I just found your book (and bought it) yesterday. I have to tell you I am not a girly girl, but I loved the pictures and the girls in your book. Out of the stack of (no lie) about 15 craft books I was looking for, I just had to take yours home. I have just started teaching myself to draw (I am 31). I loved your instructions on drawing people! Since yesterday, I have started a journal for drawing sassy girls and I have made a 36" lady for my mother-in-law. I am so excited to make more!!! Thanks for an awesome book to add to my craft selection :)