Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girlfriends + wine = giggles!

I did a show, The Vintage Marketplace in Fallbrook over the weekend and it's just a visual masterpiece of vintage goodness around every corner. But it's not the show I want to post about, I didn't even bring a camera to take pictures. It's the friendships that are made along the way. I couldn't help thinking about the fun I had as I was unpacking and cleaning up feeling totally exhausted!
A group of us girls rented a most charming ranch house high up on a hill in Fallbrook overlooking layers and layers of hills dotted with avocado groves, a lovely sight away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. We were exhausted from a day of setting up, selling and recouping from the San Diego blackout. Instead of heading to a restaurant, we decided to buy cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit and plenty of wine and headed to our little get-away up on that hill. With so many wonderful rooms to choose from, we tried them all and we chose the sprawling living room to settle in for our food and giggle fest. And giggle we did. A grown up slumber party, all cozied up in our pj's, learning life stories, family hardships and the dreams of 6 creative women entering the second half of their lives.We laughed long and hard into the night until it was time to get some sleep. And just when it was time to retire, something wonderful happened. A pillow fairy left a little surprise of goodies on top of the comfy beds.
Such, such fun and as I decide on the next direction of this creative endeavor of mine, I will always be a part of this show even if I choose not to participate as a vendor. I may just have to shop and be a part of the slumber party with these great women. It's not just about the sales and the fun...it's about the support and the encouragement to keep me on this sometimes difficult creative journey of mine. Thanks ladies, for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds and looks like fun and ultra feminine, just like you.

    Julie thanks so much for the mail love. It's going right into my Italy journal!

  2. Julie, you said it all so well! What a fun, inspiring, relaxing, heartfelt time spent in such a beautiful place. Even if we are all not high up on a little mountain, the friendship shared will last us a very long time. You are such a great example of what a friend is all about. Can't wait until we all can do it again...slumber parties here we come!

  3. Hi Julie, what a wonderful story, my heart is touched by how you ladies bonded together at your little retreat home during this show. I know you will continue to grow and blossom and find your place with your wonderful art! XO Christie

  4. Amen, sister!! It is such an incredible group of women - I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.


  5. I really wanted to go! Hope to see you at Glitterfest

  6. No one invited me to the slumber party!
    This is such a sweet story Julie, I LoVed it.
    It is true, in life, it is the joys shared with others that are the most meaningful.
    And women have such a gift for encouraging and believing in each other. During many of life's challenging times I have found it is other women's capacity for empathy, understanding, strength and love that is an amazing healer to our hearts and souls.
    Miss you !

  7. Julie, Nicki just gave me your blog info. What a nice note you wrote, and all so true. I enjoyed meeting you and the girls , I hope to see you at the next show!

  8. Julie,
    What lovely words to express what we always feel at The Ranch. It has been a place of love, safe haven, ability to dream and be nurtured. All of you girls are always welcome at The Ranch. Oh, there was one more girl with you those nights and her name was Mae.
    Anita and Melanie (Mae's girls)