Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pink Shoes

My class at A Work of Heart studio in San Jose last weekend. What a darling place! Who wouldn't be inspired with those aqua walls! I taught 3 classes thru out the weekend and yes, was tired by the end but had so much fun.
In my first class of the day, there was a lovely lady with the most wonderful British accent telling me that there was a part in my book that she really liked and related to. It was about treating yourself even when you shouldn't. She shared a story of when she was younger and her mother bought the most gorgeous pink shoes. Her father was upset because they really couldn't afford them but her mother just needed to buy those shoes anyway. She said that taking this class was her pink shoes right now, that she just needed it! You can imagine how touched I was. Yes, sometimes, especially these days we need to treat ourselves. Whether it's a class, a new dress or a pair of pink shoes, we have to take the time to indulge. It's good for the soul and nothing is more nurturing to our souls than a class to get your creative goodness flowing. She made the most wonderful piece of art. Reminded me of Cinderella going to the ball. I'm thinking maybe instead of glass slippers hiding under her gown there might have been a pair of pink stilettos instead.


  1. Great sharing! Yes we do need to treat ourselves! My treat is usually some expensive art material or tool! Patsy from

  2. your classes are wonderful...just like fabulous pink shoes. smiles cory/dogwood

  3. This sounds like some wonderful classes you had there Julie. I love that story the British lady told you. I agree, we rally do need to treat ourselves sometimes.
    Hugs and blessings