Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CHA and My Moment of Fame

This was my 15 minutes of fame. Well maybe 30 minutes and not widespread fame, just in my little art world here at CHA. I was lucky enough to do a book signing and demo at the F&W Media booth. I arrived at the booth to a nice line of people waiting for the 9 free books they were passing out. The first nine people in line got them and they were such a nice group from all over the country. After signing and chatting, I went on to do a short demo and answer questions. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed talking with my little crowd of creatives.
The top picture is a 4' tall piece I did for the booth prior to the show. I had a couple of small pieces displayed also and as a result Hobby Lobby picked up the book! It helped that they could see the actual art.
After the signing I was off to the Prima booth where more goodness happened but that will have to wait for another day!


  1. Congratulations Julie! I saw your work at the Prima booth....Gorgeous!

  2. Julie,
    My daughter bought a copy of your book for herself, and one for me (yipe!), at least one grand daughter needs a copy soon too I think :). We can't wait to give your idea's and instructions a try :)

  3. They were nine lucky people--that is a good book!

  4. Julie, so good to see you at CHA. I loved catching up with you and seeing your incredible creations at Prima and F&W. CONGRATS on the Hobby Lobby pick up! That is excellent. Hope to catch a class with you again soon, but until then, will be drawing inspiration from my own copy of your wonderful book.

  5. Hello, Julie!
    I'm glad you had so much fun at CHA...

    Have a wonderful night!

    Come on over and have a look at my blog if you'd like...

    Ciao Bella!

    *Bella Bliss*

  6. OMG you were so close and yet so far,im in Huntington Beach and wish i could have went.I love your book my friend recomended it and its amazing best book ive bought and have started to read it.Glad you had fun at CHA

  7. OMG.... Love that girlie!!! Definite claim to fame!!!

  8. My book is being delivered via Amazon..Mr. Createology got it for me for Valentines. I so adore your art girls!

  9. This was well deserved Julie,
    I am thrilled for you!
    And for all the positive possibilities in your future!

  10. Exactly! That is phenomenal, Julie! I am so happy for you! SO well deserved!

    Missing our trip to visit Paulette a year ago near Newport Beach :)

  11. Hi Julie - well deserved in indeed - so glad I found you. How did you get involved with CHA and PRIMA? I would die to do some work for PRIMA!

  12. You deserve the fame and attention! We LOVE our dollies! :)