Monday, March 19, 2012

My Girl Bath...At Last

My towel rack with Paulette Adams handmade ceramic cup, old Ralph Lauren crystal perfume bottles, a darling canning jar candle from The Vintage Market Place and yes Little Bo Peep and her lost little sheep. She's old but fit right in with the colors. I made this mirror about 10 yrs ago and still love it.

Time to paint the 80's oak cabinet! The rose stencil is from Creative Imaginations. I still need to put the glass knobs on.

2 mirrors are better than one, especially if it's a track house mirror! The one on the left has some old talc shakers from the 70's. Do you remember Tigress? A reproduction vintage ruler looked good here. The mirror on the right has toiletries from the Hotel Santa Maria Novella in Florence, A little reminder of our 25th anniversary trip.

The perfect bouquet, I rescued from the trash! An old display prop from my retail days.

Every bathroom needs a harajuku girl, don't you think? Especially if she's dressed in pink!

At girlie bath. My son moved out last summer and I've been wanting to turn his small bathroom into my little girlie bath where I could just soak in all that girlie goodness. Now, I've never considered myself a pink person, but pink just seemed to take on a life of its own as I started adding things to it. I started with painting the walls a deep caramel. At that point I had no idea what my accent color would be. Besides the mirrors and faucet, I didn't buy anything new for this redo. I simply shopped from the rest of the house. Pink kept creeping its way in so I gave in and bought pink towels and rug. Why fight a good thing?


  1. Julie, I LoVe it!

    Especially your mosaic crown mirror frame, fit for a princess.
    Thank you, I feel so honored that you included me ceramic creation in all the girliness!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ paulette

  2. Love it Julie! Sorry I missed you at GLitterfest. Hope to see you soon!!!

  3. Hi Julie, - congrats on the girl bath ; ). I was writing to tell you that I just got a copy of your book collage couture, - aside from the wonderful work inside that I can't wait to try out I wanted to tell you how much I loved your "Acknowledgements" in the first pages. When something touches me I always think its important to let the artist know. I guess I am at a crossroad right now in life and trying to take the leap to follow the dream. Your acknowledgements touched me today especially when I was feeling those feelings of following the dream very strongly - thanks and I'm off to enjoy more of the book.

    1. Your email made my day, probably my week and I'm having a pretty good one so far. Thank you Cathy!

      I'm not sure anyone really reads those pages and mine was kkind of long. It's never easy to be at those

      crossroads but if we keep going the same direction, nothing ever changes, does it? The 2 years after losing

      my job was a huge struggle for me. I felt I should have looked for another because I thought that making

      the most money you can is what's right for your family. I had a huge amount of guilt feelings to deal with,

      the whole while my family was doing just fine. We put so much stress on ourselves in this world today.

      I've worked on the guilt, the self confidence, the commitment to make this work, all things I never would

      have dealt with at a job. I would have just gone to work everyday thinking how great it would be to be

      doing my art full time. I don't reccommend anyone to leave a job to become an artist full time but I believe

      one can take the leap while working.

      Leap, girl! You were given gifts that are meant to be shared!

  4. Hey Julie: Love your girlie bathroom. Adding pink gives it a nice touch of feminine color. The crown-shaped mirror you made is neat. I am impressed by a makeover that comes from what we already have around us . . . my favorite way of decorating! Hope to see you at the next Glitterfest.