Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Studio Crescendoh!

studio crescendoh
Talent everywhere!
Terry Frias
There's always laughter when you do girly art!
Studio Crescendoh
2 sisters playing art...what could be better?
Photos taken by Jenny Doh of Studio Crescendoh

What a day! This class was arranged last fall and the day finally arrived. Jenny Doh's studio is in an old historic district here in Southern California that has been turned into an art colony. The studio itself is in a beautiful old building that houses many galleries and studios. It's quite majestic when you walk in with it's old staircases on either side of the entrance taking you to all of the magic above. Studio Crescendoh is cozy. Not small, but cozy. One wall of windows let the outside in while the other walls are filled with the most whimsical paintings, exploding with color. It had a nice energy about it where you just wanted to get out a paintbrush and play!

It was an interesting mix of students. One from British Columbia, sisters from Washington and Oregon, a woman who bought a gypsy piece from me, another young girl who's sister bought her a piece from my book for her birthday, a woman who I've done some trunk shows with and didn't know she'd be there and a facebook friend who I finally got to meet in person! 2 groups of sister's who of course shared stories about each other, keeping everyone in giggles. ALL of these women had amazing talents, making it such an easy class to teach.

Fun was had by all as we went into our paper doll world. All of the art came out gorgeous and I honestly couldn't pick a favorite!

Can't wait to go back next spring!

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  1. Hi Julie!!! Sounds like you had fun!! That's the most important part! Don't be a stranger!!