Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Filling Fast!

Wow! It seems this idea just sprang and without much thought I said yes and now we are more than half way filled! The cruise that is. Yep, Alaska, June we come. I am preparing for my upcoming book photo shoot in Cincinnati. In the mean time we've lined up some pretty awesome sponsors that I thought I'd share with you:

Splash of Color (the wonderful Luminart and Viva products)
Leaky Shed Studio
Crafter's Workshop
Red Lead Paperworks
Red Rubber Paper and Ink

So far so good, huh?

I am now delving in full force making projects and fun plans. Just got done teaching at Enchanted Affaire in Manhattan Beach and am filled with much inspiration! I will be spending my evenings in Cincinnati planning. Hope will think about joining us!


  1. Love the mermaid! Please, please, please come to the east coast.. :o(
    Hugz, Z

  2. Love the banner!! The mermaid is fabulous!! I Love your doll stamps they are so awesome!!!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I absolutely LOVE you doll stamps. I watched you on YouTube and heard you comment that those under the age of 40 never played with paper dolls...not true! I brought paper dolls into the lives of my four daughter's and continue to introduce them to my Grandchildren. Thanks for creating these wonderful dolls. They will be a source of pleasure and joy for many, many years!
    I do have one request to ask...can you please create coordinating dies to go along with each doll? Dies which cut out the doll, the clothing pieces, hair and shoes would be amazing! I do enjoy fussy cutting, but have found as I age it becomes more and more difficult. Just something I hope that you will consider.
    I LOVE the mermaid it available yet? Will there be additional doll stamps in the future? I hope so...I plan on adding each and every one to my collection.
    Thanks for bringing so much fun and beauty into our lives!
    Linda Tagg

  4. Hi I actually live in Cincinnati and was curious if there would be an opportunity to take a workshop or if you would have your stamps available for purchase?

    I also was curious if your stamps came in digital form?


    Vicky S.

  5. Hi I actually live in Cincinnati. Are you here for more than the photo shoot and will there be an opportunity to purchase stamps.

    Also, are your stamps available in digital form?

    I just love them all.

  6. Hi Julie! I am thinking about going on this cruise! just need to clear it with my husband. Love your new stamps and just bought the new ones! Take care honey!

  7. Vicky, I was there for strictly the photo shoot. I only left the studio to eat and sleep! No, the stamps do not come in digital form.

  8. I love the mermaid canvas! I hope you teach it at Stamp Your Heart Out sometime so that I can take it.